About Minister Donna

Donna Pickens is the wife of Pastor Tom Pickens.  Donna teaches on the reality of God’s Word, and how to apply it on a day-to-day basis.


She enjoys helping and leading women through God’s Word to live life “worry-free”. She is the Advisor of our Women’s Ministry, Pearls of Great Price, where she speaks regularly, empowering our women with the Word.


Donna is part of the Ministry Team and ministers on a regular basis.  She is also the teacher for C-connect, our class for New Members, and  also serves as the Office Administrator.


She sat under the ministry of Apostle Fred Price for over 28 years, and was one of his original 12 members.  Donna is well versed in giving forth the uncompromising Word of God. Which reflects her belief in the power of the Word.


Donna truly enjoys being a wife, mother, grandmother and loving her family.

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