Hello Kids Studio 365 families! We are so excited to partner with you as your child learns the books of the Bible and the importance of different Bible stories.  You can visit this spot to find the memory verse for the current unit, as well as, other resources to reinforce the Bible story your child is learning.

Your children have been memorizing the Books of the Bible and we would love for you to continue this with them at home.  This month we challenge them to learn Hosea-Malachi.  BONUS:  Send us a video of your child singing or reciting the Old Testament books of the Bible for a chance to win a prize!  You may send your video to cmoran@avccusa.org

Hello Families! At this time we are finishing the Old Testament Prophets and moving into the New Testament. This week we are learning about  a special prophet who was born shortly before Jesus was born (found in Luke 1 and 3, also in Matthew 3).  This prophet’s name was John. He grew up to become John the Baptist. His message to all people was to turn away or repent of their sins and get ready and prepare for the Lord because He is coming soon. John told the people that, “One mightier than I is coming….He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”  Luke 3:16.  Many people came to hear John and to be baptized by him in the Jordan River. Watch the Superbook videos about John, and see if you can tell what Jesus said about John the Baptist and You.